Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Alice in Conspiracy Land - Group show in the Alekano Gallery the other week.

I'll get some better photos of these and there is another smaller piece they put in the members club, I'll get a shot of that on here soon as.

Another ancient piece from 10 years ago.

Ancient piece from college, 10 years old now.

Was off my tits back then...

Mother and Child.

Freaks exhibition group show with these people, crap show, hung badly, nothing sold.

There were emails going around after and they were all saying 'what a great show, what a success' and shit. NO. Nothing sold, the work was hung shit and they charged for booze at the private view, balls, idiots. see you later.

Little piece for Josh, on the wall in Kids Love Ink on Cheshire Street.

On the wall in THISISNOTABAR, free handed an' all.