Monday, 12 September 2011

The Underground Dogtube Nightmare.

This will re-define bog books, its gonna have millions of short stories, one liners, high conversations and they will all be about the everyday cock-ups that I encounter EVERY FUCKING DAY, seriously, more than everybody else. I know I have it sweet campared to most of the world but as Miles once told me, 'You gotta play your own sick game with karma bruv', so I will use karmas little poo's that land on my face all the time and create the ultimate book of funny shit for when you're having a sh!t. This is the cover and I cocked it up, but that fits with the theme so whatever.

The title will be explained in the book and there will be a story by Tom Word To Mother abut when Flounce first bummed his missus on holiday! (greatest story ever told) Its gonna be sick. And make me rich.

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